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My husband had a reversal done. It only took on one side. The nurse said there was a lot of sperm there. His urologist suggested giving it a year. My doctor suggested we get a sperm analysis sooner, so we did around Nov 2013. His sperm count was 2 million. So we kept trying then decided to get IUI. We have set this up twice and both times there was zero sperm. How did they just disappear? Is it possible that they will return. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Sorry, sounds like a tough situation. We typically check semen tests every 3 months after a reversal. The fact that the sperm count started low then decreased to zero does suggest that the reversal site has scarred off. However, there could be less likely problems including poor sperm production as well. It is possible that they could return, but that would be unusual. Physical exam, blood tests, or possibly biopsy could help determine the best next course of action. Hope that helps.