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Hello I have a question. Last week I got my SA back my motility was only 2% and my doctor said I had abnormal sperm mainly the head was abnormal. I seen the number was 97 head 22 body and 17 tail what can I do to improve my morphology? I know there is ivf/icsi but it is to expensive so what options do I have to improve morphology and motility?

Great question. Fortunately, semen morphology is thought to have the least effect on fertility of all of the parameters. Unfortunately, in most cases there is no clear or specific treatment.

The most important thing would be to check at least 2 semen tests to confirm findings, and to be evaluated (by a male infertility specialist) with a detailed history and physical exam that might identify potential treatable causes. The most common cause detected would be a varicocele.

In rare cases, there may be a genetic/production problem causing the sperm shape defect. These are usually not treatable. However, these patients usually show the same defect in all sperm, which does not seem to be the case for you.

When nothing else is found, patients can consider various vitamins such as CoQ10 200mg twice a day, though there is little data to support this. In general, I recommend a healthy lifestyle with lots of vegetables and a balanced diet with exercise.